Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Temple Endowment

Today, 20th September 2014, is a beautiful day for me. Today is my special day. I will be going to the Hong Kong-China Temple to receive my endowment. Yes, I will be receiving today a special blessing from Heavenly Father. I will be making a covenant with my Father in Heaven and that if I stay true and faithful with my covenant, Heavenly Father will reward me with eternal life.

It is an exciting day for me because I will be with my parents and some of the special people in my life. They will be there to witness my endowment.

In the temple, I changed my street clothes to pure white clothes, a symbol of purity. Everyone in the temple wears white which makes everyone look the same. Black or white, brown or yellow, whatever your race is, rich or poor everyone looks the same. It will be the same in the Celestial Kingdom. There will be no rich or poor, black or white!

My endowment went well. I was overwhelmed by the spirit that after the temple I didn't even remember where I put my temple recommend. Hahaha...

The interior of the temple is beautiful. I can feel the presence of Heavenly Father in the Celestial Room. I prayed briefly in the Celestial Room that my mission will be a success.

In the Celestial Room my parents and the people I hold close to my heart were there to meet me. My mom was so emotional on that day that she had tears in her eyes when I gave her a big hug.

I am thankful to Heavenly Father for the temple. It is indeed the House of the Lord. President Wong, the Hong Kong Temple President gave me a good instruction during my meeting with him in his office.

Now I am happy that Heavenly Father has provided me a wonderful chance to meet Him again someday in His kingdom. I am grateful for this gift that He has bestowed to me today.

I hope and pray that everyone will make it a goal in their life to receive this same blessing.