Monday, February 16, 2015

My Nineteenth Week In The Mission Field (Second Area - Bacarra, Locos Norte)

I received a surprise message from the mission office just a day before transfer day that I will be transferred to another area! And Bacarra, Ilocos Norte is going to be my second area. Bacarra is the next town to Laoag City!

The day before transfer day was like a typhoon of a day! I have to urgently pack up for the transfer and had a Family Home Evening with members of the Branch. It was a moment of tears and hugs as some members cried which makes me feel bad but I have to get use to it.

On transfer day, Tito Jim, the husband of Tita Claire surprised me by coming over our apartment early in the morning to pick me up with his car to help accompany me to the missionaries transfer point which is in Laoag City. Thanks so much to Tito Jim!

We went off with my companion to GMW and have a breakfast there. At the transfer point, I met my new companion, Elder Gozon! Wow, we almost got the same name! We've actually met before and made friends with each other in our recent mission activities. Elder Gozon is from Antipolo, Rizal. He is a tall and cool Filipino dude! He is nice to me and he teaches well.

Once again, we are four missionaries living in the same apartment here. Three Pinoys and one American. I'll tell you more about them next week. Overall, they are awesome and very nice to me. By the way, they used to have two sister missionaries here in Bacarra but they were pulled out during this transfer and were replaced by us! I don't know of any particular reason, but anyway, it's great to be here!

My Sunday here in Bacarra Branch was great! They have a very beautiful chapel with basketball court and complete facilities for all church activities. The members here are great and very accommodating. A lot of our investigators came even the less actives!

I have a chance to share a short talk and bear my testimony during the Sacrament Meeting and I tried greeting them in Cantonese just to prove the point that I am from Hong Kong. Hehehe...

After the church meetings, we went to visit the members who haven't come to church on that day. We have a lot of fellowshippers and I will tell you more about them next week.

I am glad to let you know that we will have two baptisms this week! I testify that the blessing of missionary work doesn't come from us, the missionaries. It comes mainly from the members and their heartfull support to missionary work and their testimonies of the blessings of living the gospel in their lives. Members here in Bacarra are great fellowshippers indeed.

I testify that the blessings of missionary work is far more greater than the blessings to our prayers as missionary work is serving our fellowmen. And if you are in the service of your fellow being, you are only in the service of your God. And I know this things to be true, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

PS. I already received Tita Michelle and Tita Ann's package. I love it!