Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Twelfth Week In The Mission Field

This week is transfer week. My companion, Elder Aribbay will be transferred and that means I will be getting a new companion. I really feel sad and will surely miss our companionship. He was a good trainer.
Transfer day was so tiring. I have to wait from 8am to 2pm for my new companion, Elder Alivio. Plus, we have two more missionaries joining with us again in our apartment. So back to normal with four Elders in our areas - Banna 1 & Banna 2. All of them came from areas in Cagayan. So it was indeed a long travel day for them.
My new companion, Elder Alivio is from Aklan. He speaks Tagalog and Ilonggo, just like my Dad. His previous area was Santa Anna, Cagayan. He is actually my batchmate in the MTC. We are happy to be working together this time in the same area.
Our P-day was moved to Tuesday. It was crazy as there are lots of people in Robinson because tomorrow is New Year's Eve!
I miss my trainer, Elder Aribbay but I have to move on with my new companion. My companion is the cook this time. He seems to know how to cook. Good for him. The other two Elders are from New Zealand and Switzerland! They are big and eats a lot, my goodness! I have to plan our meals carefully or else they'll finish all the food in the fridge if I don't control it.
We will be spending our New Year's Day at home. We have to go home early to avoid fireworks thrown on us by friendly folks. Hehehehe... Tita Claire will be coming back to bring us some food for New Year's Eve.
Last Christmas, Tita Claire prepared us spaghetti, roasted chicken, meatballs, macaroni salad, beef and tapa! We also had a great time celebrating Christmas with the members in the church. It was fun with lots of dancing, singing, games and of course - food!
By the way, I have the opportunity to have a great chat with my family in Hong Kong through Skype. It's great to talk with my Mom and Dad and of course with Josh, my little brother. We had a long chat and have to answer a thousand questions from my eager parents. Josh voice has changed a lot - sound deeper! I really missed them and looking forward again on Mother's Day!
If you're asking about my invention - it's still not there and in progress!
Here are some photos for this week: