Monday, March 9, 2015

My Twenty First Week in the Mission Field

P-day is great today just like all the rest of our preparation days except in the afternoon which is back to work till you drop!

This past week, we have lots of investigators:

- The Cudal-Cabusas Family, a mother and two kids (one boy and one girl). The kids are shy but they are learning to talk with us! The mother is a member and is coming back to Church. Life is hard for them without a  husband and a father.

- Nanay Gabriela Cristobal Ancheta, a member of the Church.  Nanay is quite weak in physical statutes but is strong in spirit. Michael and I were prompted by the spirit to go and visit her. We shared with her a short message and gave her a blessing. Despite of being sick and weak she wants to go to Church every Sunday.

- Nanay Caridad Cacal, she is "sipag" in cooking and loves listening to our message.

- Nanay Cresencia from my suspect is MJ's relative.

Tatay Ace Galiza is a hardworking farmer. I haven't seen him go to church as much but his daughter is active.

- The Trinidad Family is an awesome family with McLord and Shawn as the RCs in the family. Their parents are not yet married but hopefully they can be married on the 28th of March. One of the daughters will be baptized on the 21st of March and the other one will be on April.

The children here loves to greet and follow us. I love the children here as well as those ones in Banna as they are funny and very interesting to be with.

Yesterday was Sunday and we tried to reach teaching 7 lessons. Wheww! We have around 9 investigators who came to Church.

Elder Gozon and I are working hard and going far! By the way, my birthday is coming up but nope, no plans yet. Just work, work and work....

I bear with you my testimony that faith without work is dead. Just like in missionary work, if we just pray but don't do anything to make our prayers work, our prayers are useless. For me, faith is to hope for things to happen later in the future but we have to put that hope into action to make it happen. This I testify in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.