Monday, November 10, 2014

My Fifth Week in the Mission Field

Last Monday's P-day went great! We played basketball in the morning then in the afternoon we ate lunch and bought groceries at Robinsons. The hardest thing about our area is that we are too far from Robinsons Shopping Mall so managing our time is very important. We don't even have time for photo taking at all. Sometimes we take some quick shots but it doesn't look good.

On Monday evening we went back to work to teach the father of a part member family. The most exciting thing is that he will be baptized this week and he has requested that I'll be the one to baptize him. This is going to be my first mission convert baptism!

On the other hand, we have around four  investigators who still need help in understanding the gospel. One of them is an 8 year old who belongs to a part member family. Her mother is so excited to have her child baptized but she has to wait until we are done teaching the lessons. We have another investigator who wants to be baptized but her mother won't allow her. There are two more investigators but we are still finding appointments with them. 
Mabuti na ang tagalog ko kahit may kunti na mali pa sa grammar.

Well my companion, Elder Aribbay is awesome and he's doing all he can to help me with the Tagalog language. 

Last week we witnessed a baptism of the other missionaries. The father who I'll be baptizing this coming Saturday was there to watched the baptism. He is excited to be baptized and he has passed the interview last week.  If you're wondering about his aged, he's around 40+ 

This week I've been eating a lot of good food, nothing harmful to my health my friend. My skin is also getting better as the weather is getting cooler.

It is important for us to read the Book of Mormon in order to understand the mission of  our Lord Jesus Christ. He admonished us to be perfect even as our Father in Heaven is perfect. We should read the Book of Mormon with real intent and ponder it in our hearts. We must also continue reading it again and again. As we do this, Heavenly Father has promised that great blessings will come upon you. Not only that you will gain a testimony of its truthfulness but also miracles will happen and you will be able to know the truth of all things both in heaven and in earth. And I leave with you this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.