Monday, March 16, 2015

My Twenty Second Week In the Mission Field

Last week's preparation day we were challenged by the members in basketball.  We played in the Church's basketball court. We won the first round but lose on the second and third round. After the game we went to a store in front of the Church to have our breakfast with them. We had Hiebol, a noodle soup with pig's intestines in it which I love because I love exotic food.  
The rest of the day was as usual missionary P-day. In the evening, we're back to normal missionary schedule of which we had a Family Home Evening with the Trinidad Family. The Ramones Family also joined in and we had lots of fun and games. After the FHE we ate spaghetti and the rest I forgot. After the fun, eating, drinking and being merry we headed home to take a rest.
Our work last week was awesome. My companion and I split because we have a lot of investigators to teach. The Trinidad couple we are preparing to get wedded and baptize has to be rescheduled until next week.  
People we visited last week are the Trinidad Family, Nanay Baxa, Nanay Cacal, Cudal Family, Mauanna, Tatay Emmanuel Agpalsa and Nanay Maneja.
I bear my testimony that as a missionary we should remember this quote... "Live what we teach, love who we teach , limit when we teach and learn why we teach." I know if we follow this we will always have fun in the mission and this can be applied to members as well as we are all enlisted to be teachers to our brethren and sisters here on earth as we are all representatives of our Lord Jesus Christ. I bear this testimony in the name of our Savior and Brother Jesus Christ. Amen.