Monday, November 3, 2014

My Fourth Week in the Mission Field

Last Monday, my companion and I planned to play basketball but we can't find a ball to borrow around so instead we went to buy lot of stuffs and groceries like pasta, etc. - no canned foods this time! 
We also had our Zone Activity and we played games similar to the Amazing Race, riddle scripture chase and many more. At first, we divided into two groups - the Red Team and the Blue Team. I belong to the Red Team and we are fast like fire! The Blue Team are slow like ice! And of course, our team won.
Then we divided into four teams for the riddle challenge and weird challenges like finding a peso in a bowl of flour, and chubby bunny reciting the First Vision. Our team won again! It was fun!
This week, we've been teaching families. We are doing fine in our teachings and finally got one ready for baptism. I'm really excited because we will be baptizing the father of a part member family. The family is very receptive to our teachings but the father tends to go beyond the meaning of our topic or get mixed up with the latest and past lessons.
I'm learning quite fast with my discussions as I am taking notes with the language I'm using. It is quite hard but I'm not giving up. I'm studying the handouts in Tagalog and English diligently. 

My health is fine this week. "Don't fear men, fear God which is in Heaven; trust him in all thy doings and he shall direct thee to safety."
I've been eating a lot of rice and some pasta this week. We also celebrated one of our apartment mates birthday.  

Throughout the week I've been doing my laundry and ironing. I would rather do it all by myself than have it done by others. But I would be happy if someone comes to cook for me. 

The challenge I have here in my area is finding a good computer cafe for emailing.

This week my apartment mates and I have been praying hard that we may have a chance to go and watch the special broadcast of Elder Oaks. Thankfully, our prayer was answered. 
I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and its the greatest tool to bring everyone to come unto Christ. I know that as we abide to its teachings we will be blessed. And I say these things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.