Monday, December 22, 2014

My Eleventh Week In the Mission Field

Our Christmas Conference went great! It was tiring though! We had a great time with our Amazing Race challenge. We have to run around Laoag City to complete some tasks in order to win the race.

Our team is composed of my companion, some sister missionaries and I. To tell you more about it, the Amazing Race is one of the most tiring activity I ever had in my whole life yet!

Quest No. 1 was in Marcos Stadium. We have to run one lap then put in order photos and names of all Presidents of the Philippines.
Quest No. 2 was to head to the education institute center somewhere nearby. We have to run and once in there we have to find words and letters to solve a riddle. I don't really remember the riddle as I was chillin' back for a bit of rest!
Quest No. 3 was to go to Centro Laoag where we have to go around and find shops that sells hats and we have to take a photo of our group.
Quest No. 4 was that we have to find a tourist building in Laoag and take a photo again of our group.
Quest No. 5 was to go to the bank and then find six fruits!
Quest No. 6, the last of it! We have to head back, get the basket, put the fruits in it and go out to find members and sing a Christmas Carol! In the end I thought I should have brought my rain shoes for running. But it was a lot of fun no doubt about it!
I met my batch missionaries, man! It's been 3 months since we departed each other at the MTC. The only sad news we had was that our Mission President will be finishing with his calling soon. And that means having a new Mission President soon.  We performed a HAKA Dance and it was awesome!
Tita Lingling was there during our Christmas Conference to deliver some Christmas package from my Mom and Dad! We chatted a little bit. Elder Aribbay got a Christmas package from my parents, too! He loves it so much. Tita Lingling bought us a chocolate roll and mammon, too!
I love the chocolates and the bag Mom bought for me.  It looks awesome and I'm using it now. I didn't like so much the Kamen Rider figure my Dad gave as it was not the one I asked for and its expensive! Even if he took out the price tag I know the price of it. It is more expensive than the one I was asking because the one I asked for would have been more cheaper and better quality than the SH figure arts as the hands are fixed. Hopefully, Josh will buy me the one I've asked and send it soon.

Enjoy the pics below!