Monday, March 2, 2015

My Twentieth Week in the Mission Field

We had a Zone Activity last Monday and it was a great fun for everyone, but mostly I was focusing more on the food being sold at the food stalls nearby. Hehehehe... I ate a lot of bananaques and softdrinks. Bananaques are bananas cooked deep fried in oil and finally coated with caramel sugar. It is served in a barbeque stick, hence it's called bananaques! Very delicious!
During the activity I met a lot of missionaries and saw my trainer, Elder Aribbay! He is doing good and had a great chat with him. After the activity, we all went back to our areas to do evening teaching appointments.
My companion, Elder Gozon is very kind to me. He teaches me a lot of his techniques in teaching investigators. I consider him as my second trainer. He will be returning home on September 2015, so you can just calculate how long he has been on his mission already.
Bacarra is a hot place to live but missionary work here is fun as the members are very helpful with the missionaries. We also had a lot of dinner appointments here as members are keen to invite missionaries for dinner in their homes.
One of the guys who works with us is Brother Michael Baxa. He is cool and he is a writer. He does a lot of mission recording of our works here. He is really a great help for us. By the way, we are also living with the Zone Leaders and they are fun guys to be with.
Our Sacrament Meeting last Sunday went well. There were also several investigators who came to church. We will have some baptisms this coming March 14 or 21st. We also have a couple who we plan to get wedded first before their schedule of baptism these coming weeks. They already have kids of whom we are also teaching.
I have a testimony that missionary work is truly a great privilege and a blessing given to us by our loving Heavenly Father. It blesses my life by giving great joy to others and also to myself as it helps me grow spiritually, socially and in physical stature. I also know that it has brought upon many wonderful blessings to my family. And this is my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

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