Monday, November 17, 2014

My Sixth Week In the Mission Field

We had a great Preparation Day last week as my companion (Elder Aribbay) and I had a chance to play basketball. After that, we went to Laoag to withdraw some money and went to a supermarket (of which I know not of its name). We bought groceries for our Zone Conference then we cooked "Igado" from it, an Ilocano delicacy.
My companion and I went to eat at "Chic Boy" for lunch. It was so tasty filled with delicious goodness!
I have another surprise visit last Friday from my god-brother and god-sister Kuya Michael and Ate Ava Andres. My parents were their godparents during their temple wedding in  Manila. They came early in the morning, just when we were about to finish our companionship study. They are actually residing in Japan, but Ate Ava is giving birth to their first baby here in the Philippines that's why they're back. It's really nice to meet them. They are from San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte. They brought me some delicious goodies from Goldilocks. I had a good breakfast then.
Last Saturday was a very special day for me because I am baptizing my first convert baptism. His name is Romeo Yong, the father of the Yong Family here in Banna. He decided to be baptized because of his testimony of that what we have been teaching him is true. We went to a nearby river to perform his baptism because we don't have a chapel here - only meetinghouse. This was a very spiritual experience for me so far since I arrived in my mission. Brother Yong was confirmed a member of the Church the following day which is Sunday during the sacrament meeting.

So far, the challenge I'm still facing in my mission is the language. I'm still not used to speak in deeper Tagalog or Ilocano. I hope my Dad could send me a dictionary for that purpose so I won't have anymore problem dealing with the language.

I got the package my mom sent me by post. My health is fine and my skin is cooling down.
We had a great dinner with the Tabladillo Family last week. Food was great. I wanna eat more!

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