Monday, November 24, 2014

My Seventh Week in the Mission Field

I finally had my first haircut in my mission. It is awesome! My hairdresser was a man who dresses like a girl! (Weird!)

This week the two missionaries who are our apartment mates were transferred due to lack of missionaries in other areas. My companion and I are quiet sad and bored now that we were left behind with no one to play basketball with.

Last Monday, I was also busy doing my experiment of some sort that I can't tell you what it is for now. Doing experiments is my personal hobby.

If you want to know more about my first baptism Brother Yong, well he is doing fine, sipag sa basa ng Aklat ni Mormon at Gospel Principles (busy reading the Book of Mormon and Gospel Principles)!

His family are new members of the Church and we are still teaching them the post-baptismal lessons. Brother Yong was actually referred to us by his wife.

The members here in Banna are also very much involved in missionary work even with their busy work schedules. They are a great help to us. By the way, we do not have Branch Missionaries here.

Some members invited us for dinner last week. I am neither gaining nor losing weight. Still the same me. I am taking my multi-vitamins everyday. My skin is okay despite of the hot weather. I am still as strong as a Roman soldier.

I am happy serving my mission. No regrets! I am most happy because Christmas is coming. Waiting here for my Christmas gift from my bro - Josh!

So far, I have never been short with my allowance. What I need from home now are the following:

- Body soap with olive oil
- Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
- Cotton buds
- Santa Claus Christmas hat

Till next week! Bye!

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