Monday, January 12, 2015

My Fourteenth Week In The Mission Field

Happy New Year!

New Year in the Philippines is lots of fun and excitement. There were lots of fireworks on the street and of course - food! Lots of food! But, we (missionaries) were not allowed to stay late at night for safety reason since you can easily get fireworks exploding around your feet while walking on the street. The whole night was so noisy with fireworks until past midnight. I couldn't sleep most of the night!

As promised, Tita Claire came back with loads of food for our New Year's dinner. We had spaghetti, graham dessert, beef, tapa and many more! Thanks to Tita Claire for taking care of us during the New Year.

Earlier in the afternoon, I was surprised that someone called me from a red car! Red is my favorite color by the way! It was Tito Aladdin and his son, Aldridge! Tito Aladdin was actually a family friend and office mate of my Dad in Hong Kong. He also brought us lots of food and tupig - an Ilocano delicacy. Thanks to Tito Aladdin and Aldridge for the surprise visit.

The rest of the other Elders in our apartment were so happy that we had lots of food for the New Year!

We had a Zone Activity last P-day and I was able to meet my trainer, Elder Aribbay. He is fine and doing well. I had also an opportunity to show off my shooting skills to everyone.

In our apartment, everyone cooks this time except me because I don't want to cook for so many guys. By the way, Elder Malungahu and Elder Setine are both from New Zealand! They are assigned to Banna B. We all share food together to lessen our food budget.

We are preparing an investigator for her baptism on 31 January, but she needs to be married first with her live-in partner. Hehehe!

I have received Auntie May-Ann's package from Auntie Mia in Canada with t-shirts. Thanks a lot Aunties for remembering me here.

Until then. Miss you all!



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