Monday, January 26, 2015

My Sixteenth Week In the Mission Field

This week I received an ultra big surprise from my parents in Hong Kong. A jumbo box full of my personal needs, favorite breakfast cereals, chocolate drinks, candies, shoes, used clothes to give away to members of the Branch, and many more! Man it looks like my folks put the whole house in there! Hahahahaha....
Oh, by the way, there is one more package coming soon from my dear Aunties in Canada - Tita Michelle and Tita Ann! In advance, I would like to say to my two loving aunties, "arigato, thank you, thx, salamat, agyaman, taw che!"
I was so happy with the package as well as the two big dudes in the house - man, they eat a lot! But, no worries, I made sure it won't be done within a day! Hehehe...
The food in the package was tasty and I shared the chocolates with them. The Elders said, they love my parents!
The used clothes goes to Tita Claire's son and the polo shirt and pants I gave it to Arnulfo, our fellowshipper.
We tried playing the basketball this morning that my Dad sent me but it was quite deadly in a sense that you can get hurt easily!
This past week we had lots of investigators, all women as their men are always at work. That's one reason why it's hard to find investigators here. But hopefully, we will have four upcoming baptisms by the end of this month. My companion, Elder Alivio and I are both working hard. For me, it's fine to have few numbers of baptisms as long as they have a testimony of the gospel and will remain active in the Church all the days of their lives. It's in the amount of conversion that they have that counts most.
The most challenging part of my work here is how to convince people to keep the Sabbath Day holy and how to convince them to go to church. It seems like they have so many alibis!
Update of my invention? May still take a long time....
Bye for now!

Scenes Behind our Apartment in Banna
"Men Extracting Sugar Cane Juice"


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